What the heck is Pivity...?

That's the question we'll try our best at answering in this post.

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In short: Pivity is the next evolution of GmodStore.

In a few more words: For a long time we have been content with just being GmodStore, but in recent years we have given the future of GmodStore a lot of thought. It became clear to us that we needed to rethink what we want to be. Being a marketplace for a single store, and encompassing just a single game is not a sustainable business model forever. That is why we decided to create Pivity.

Pivity is a multi-store marketplace, where you can buy and sell products for multiple games and markets. For GmodStore this does not change anything in the immediate future, we will just start referring to the entire platform as Pivity instead of GmodStore. The GmodStore name will live on through the Garry's Mod section of the platform.

Each marketplace will have their own separate storefront. We considered having a single unified storefront, but we came to the conclusion that doing so would result in products from more popular stores claiming all of the available advertisement space per store. At the moment there is no way to share products across stores, although we do recognise that some products may need to be available in multiple stores. This is something we plan to address in the future.

Your account is global. You can create an account on any store, and you can access your account on any store. We will be adding more relevant authentication methods going forward. While very relevant for Garry's Mod, Steam login does not make sense as the only way to authenticate for all kinds of stores.

Will you leave GmodStore behind 😥? Of course not! GmodStore is in it for the long haul. GmodStore already runs on the Pivity platform, and any new features we add for new stores will also be added to GmodStore at the exact same time. Of course there may be a need for some store specific features, and we will be adding those as we go as well.

So what's next? As you might have already seen on the Pivity.com front-page we plan on expanding to Rust and S&box first and foremost. The first of which being Rust. Our platform is already capable of hosting multiple marketplaces, but there are some final touches to be made before we can launch a new market. We recognise that there is some competition in the Rust market already, and we believe in our ability to compete and to keep developing as a platform.

If you happen to be a content creator and want to dive into Rust plugin, maps, tools, monuments or prefabs development, now would be a very good time to start. We're aiming to have a Rust store ready by Q3 this year. Creators interested in a Rust store will be given access before the public to prepare their products 😊

As for further development, here is a list of features we plan to bring to Pivity in the near future:

  • Subscription payments (Enabling SaaS products and paid support)
  • Easier and more streamlined creator on-boarding
  • A whole new worldfront-end (Ok, maybe not so near future for this one)

Why Pivity? If you reached this point in the article you may be scratching your head thinking about what the name "Pivity" even means. The answer is actually quite simple, it's just a play on the verb "pivot". The ability to turn around quickly and move the goal posts if you have to.

We're really looking forward to what we'll achieve with you in the near future!

The Pivity and Everyday team.